The Volkswagen Polo review

The Volkswagen Polo review

It would take something really special for a company to stick with a brand name. Microsoft stuck with the name “Windows” at the same time changing the appendages with each release. It could so easily have gone for other names to market their popular operating systems. It is said that, famous brands too would live on, like the famous people. The latest Volkswagen Polo combines the legacy of its ancestors with the trends of the modern age. Here is a review of Volkswagen Polo.

The Exterior look

In stark contrast to the other brands that have had their release dates in the same year as the Volkswagen Polo, the car seems to have gone on a diet. The car has trimmed down considerably in its latest avatar. Along with this, the subtleties also have resulted in a lower weight, a wider body and a stance that gives it a better traction capability to negotiate corners. The car is also visually pleasing with flashy headlights, streaks of chrome and a tail pipe that seems to have disappeared but is actually hidden in the rear bumper.

The interior design

The Volkswagen Polo has kept with one trend though- finest German engineering that you won’t get to see, possibly in another car. The interior is dominated with the colors beige and black. The interiors look more spacious with the greater front glass area. The purpose of the rear view mirror is however largely hindered by the narrow frame and the head rests at the back. Three passengers can be easily accommodated at the back seat. The interior controls are kept close to the driver to facilitate easy access and the dashboard is given a cockpit feel by its subtle tilt.

The gear box is finely crafted to allow quick and easy shifting of gears. The glove box is something that is unusual for these categories of cars as it is quite large and also possesses dedicated slots for coins and sunglasses. The external environment is kept out by the installation of soundproof glass. The greatest mystery of the car is in its lock: there isn’t one for the passenger. It seems like the driver is given total control, with the lock to every door at his/her side. The steering also comes with the controls to play music to its six speaker music system.

Performance of the vehicle

A pair of three cylinder engines- petrol and turbo-diesel each powers the engine of the Volkswagen Polo. They come as engines with a capacity of 1.2L each and the company also plans to release a four cylinder 1.6engine with petrol as its fuel.

The engine is the same as the one sported by the Fabia but this one has been fitted to give great power to the vehicle. It gives an output of 74 BHP and 5400 revolutions per minute. The throttle also responds better to its application. The vehicle needs 14.2 seconds to travel from O to 100kmph which is pretty brisk. The power steering capability gives it a decent handling comfort and the brakes are responsive too.

The Volkswagen Polo is recommended for those who are looking for a comfortable ride coming at an affordable price.

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