Mercedes Performance Chips

Mercedes Performance Chips

Mercedes performance chip makes the Mercedes faster and increases the fuel efficiency. The chips are high performance enhancer that gives the car added horsepower. It is basically the art tuning to your Mercedes computer system to create the perfect balance of air and fuel within the engine to add the perfect addition of performance. It is one of the most efficient ways to get power out of the engine and even improve the gas mileage. The chips have been refined over the years and perfected.

Mercedes performance chips are power programmer chips that maximize the effectiveness of different parts of engine without taking precious hours to install. Performance chips are simple plug and play devices that don’t require prior modification to deliver astounding results. Mercedes performance chip is the top of the line gadgets that aims on the fuel-air ratio and generates the engine maps that satisfy all speed loving car owners. The benefits of the chip include less fuel consumption, improved load-hauling horsepower and better tire-turning torque.

The performance chips are very easy to use and install, they are very handy and do not take much of your time to get installed in your vehicle, once you have bought a performance chip for your Mercedes the best option is this that you do not fiddle with it all by yourself as it is aimed to alter the load tables and programming of the car’s ECU. Once this chip is installed the beast you own comes totally under your control. You can adjust its timing curves just according to your own wish.

These performance chips are installed with different settings which are generally known as the stages. The stage 1 is the simpler one that requires a car that not more than just the factory fitted, having the same stock settings with no extra modifications. Once the chip is installed you are required to use just the ordinary less octane fuel with it and it adds up a few horse power to your engine, though cheap this stage is not that much effective and you do not feel a remarkable difference.

The stage 2 is a bit more extensive one that requires some serious modifications, users are recommended to use an air intake, and a specialized free flow exhaust to support this stage of performance. With stage 2 high octane (91 octane) fuel is used and it definitely creates a remarkable difference regarding the power of your vehicle’s engine which makes it capable of competing with almost any other car of same type and even others. You gain a lot of self confidence, as you know that the thing you are driving is way better than the others and provides you an edge over others.

Must study the topic in detail before opting for the performance upgrade, as the right choice matters a lot , once you have taken the right decision and you know that which chip and stage will be best for both your car and you then just place your order at any of the online shop and wait for the deliver right at your place without any extra effort.

Mercedes performance chips

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