Get a Used Subaru Forester from a Genuine Subaru Dealer

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Get a Used Subaru Forester from a Genuine Subaru Dealer

The Subaru Forester is a compact crossover that made its first appearance in 1997. The popular model initially shared its platform with another popular Subaru model Imprenza. You can buy a new or used Subaru Forester from a well-known and established Subaru dealer.

The first generation Forester ran from 1998 to 2003 and the second generation had a time span of 4 years. The third generation had its run up to 2013 and the latest fourth generation Forester was unveiled at the 2012 Guangzhou Motor Show, followed by the 2013 New York International Auto Show.

The car known for its fuel efficient engine and easy maneuverability competes with Honda-CRV, Chevrolet Equinox and Toyota RAV 4 among others.

The New Forester

The new Forester has undergone certain upgradations as far as the interior spacing and exterior designing goes. The overall size, however, has not been tampered by FHI. The vehicle comes with increased rear seat and cargo space. Fuel efficiency has also seen major improvement with the highway rating now as high as 32 miles for every gallon of gas.

Subaru Forester comes with two engine options : 2.5 liter engine for the ā€˜iā€™ model that is capable of generating 17- horse power and another 2.0 liter direct injection engine available with Forester XT model.

Subaru Dealers

You must ensure that you buy high performance Subaru cars only from well-known and established Subaru dealers. Quality dealers have knowledgeable and helpful staff who will make the whole process of buying a quality vehicle highly convenient and hassle free.

You can also buy used Subaru Forester from a well-known and experienced dealer in your city or locality. Buyers are often concerned about the performance and service capability of the vehicle that has been on road before. However, buying a used car from an established dealer ensures utmost peace of mind as you know that these vehicles will come with a full service history and full backing of the dealer.

You can also buy high quality, genuine and authentic Subaru auto parts from an established Subaru dealer. Parts or accessories brought from somewhere else may be had at cheaper rates but they do not come with any guarantee and the fear of the vehicle breaking down anytime and anyplace will always be present.

It is not every day that you decide to buy a vehicle. Take some time out to find a dealer who can provide you with a new or used Subaru Forester with exceptional service.

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