Future Bmw Cars

Future Bmw Cars

With BMW being the great powerhouse in the world of cars there are all sorts of different ideas coming from the company. Various BMW prototypes are currently in consideration. Many of these could possibly end up being future BMW cars. They’re examples of how BMW is working to be creative and progressive in the world of cars.
The former Z8 was a sports car that was made with an especially strong 4.9L V8 engine. The Z10 is expected to become a new car in the future. This follow-up to the Z8 is a car that will feature rear wheel drive and will have a powerful V10 engine. Unlike other cars with this much power this car is expected to weigh less than three thousand pounds.


The BMW X1 is another of the upcoming BMW cars. This is a luxury sport utility vehicle that will feature a four-wheel drive engine and is expected to be close to the 1-Series in the field of BMW cars. This means that this car will be one that is readily affordable to anyone who is interested in a luxury SUV.


The PAS, or Progressive Activity Sedan, is another of the BMW prototypes to check out. This is expected to compete in the future with the R-Class from Mercedes-Benz. This is based on the 7-Series cars and is a hatchback style car.
Another of the BMW prototypes is a car that will compete with other luxury coupes. This is the F01. This car, along with the higher end F02, is expected to be a replacement for the 7-Series in the future. A similar car for the company’s Rolls-Royce division is expected to be made as well, and although the price of a Rolls-Royce is generally at least $ 150,000 in value this can is expected to be less expensive than that of the Phantom model that the company is especially known for.
The X5, a luxury SUV that features V6 and V8 engines, is expected to be getting an upgrade in the future as well. The X5 M is expected to be an especially popular update on the X5 for the future. This is expected to be an update in that the vehicle will feature a V10 engine that is similar to what is already being offered in the M5 sedan. It is expected to have 500 horsepower for an especially great rate of acceleration.
BMW is continuing to be popular in the field of cars, and with this there will be various different advancements in the future and all sorts of different BMW prototypes. The future of BMW is expected to be especially great through all of the future BMW cars that are coming soon.


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