All you need to know about buying a used Peugeot

All you need to know about buying a used Peugeot

The economic downfall, attrition in the job market, rise in unemployment and related incidents are taking heavy toll on the purchasing capacity of the potential buyers. People no more can afford the money required to buy brand new cars. This is obviously bad news for the car business but then it helps car dealers who deal in used cars. In today’s world of fast communication, cars are absolutely necessity when people cannot afford new cars, they are more and more inclining towards buying of used, second hand cars. People need cars and Peugeots are good choice whose possession can earn respect from others, even it is a second hand one.

But buying a used Peugeot has its own share of problems. Buying used cars is an operation frilled with hindrances like fraudulent and dearth of information. For example, one never knows how long a car will last before say, its cam belt snaps or the head gasket pops out. Therefore it is always advisable to go for a dependable, established and big car dealer who deals with Peugeots for a longer period of time and who does not bother to sacrifice goodwill to make fraudulent in trading. A good second hand Peugeot can give the customer a two way satisfaction of possession of a good car of reputed brand as well as whose car parts are easily available and can bought cheap from the market. And to get the right kind of Peugeot from the used car market, it is only wiser to go to an authorized reputed used car dealer who deals in Peugeots often.

An authorized Peugeot dealer supply on one hand, with a full car service history, and a guarantee which will necessary commensurate with the car’s age and mileage. An older Peugeot which ran more mileage naturally comes with a lesser guarantee period. A Peugeot bought from a renowned dealer obviously will come covered with a proper warranty which will not be so if it is purchased from say, a private party.

The first thing to be done by the potential customer is to test drive to zero in to the required model of the car. That way, one can easily judge on the condition of the car and comfort level on the wheel and decide. And a three to four kilometre test drive on different types of roads can give the right feel of the engine, the starting and stopping issues, the brakes’ and accelerators’ workings and the functioning of clutch and gear etc. The second thing is to consider the payment option. If it is to depend on a finance company then the loan duration, monthly payment options etc. are to be compared with the budget and the actual expense towards buying the car.

The registration of the car is the first parameter needs to be checked and ideally a three to five years old model which ran not more than 18,000 km is a good buy. The engine and the bonnet condition need to be checked. The wear and tears of tyres, bushings, springs and bearings etc. are to be checked. The car battery’s condition needs to inspect. And last but not the least, the car interior items like audio system, cabin light, front and back lights are to be looked and then make the buy.

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